FullSizeRender-1In this piece from the http://huff.to/1vtshRv Huffington Post, educator Michael Mulligan addresses education and happiness. He says, “Truth is, we know full well that lasting happiness springs from good health, solid values, meaningful work, multiple positive relationships, and selfless service.” The author is a headmaster at a secondary school. He is concerned about driven and depressed students. Psychology research shows that Mulligan is right about the happiness criteria. Mulligan says, “Let’s help students understand that learning is valuable in and of itself; that hard work, genuine curiosity, and heartfelt passion pave the way to a life well lived.” Somehow, we strive or encourage our children to shoot
for external accolades because we hold fast to the notion that these are protective. While prestigious labels may elicit fleeting admiration or envy, positive internal qualities are more likely to lead to optimal existence – love, productivity and creativity. Happiness in education has much to do with character and values.



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