What constsunsetitutes a good life?  In this Ted talk, Harvard psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Robert Waldinger says that it is one thing: good relationships http://bit.ly/1matZVB. According to his four decade longitudinal study, good relationships increase resilience, suppress illness and prolong lives. Simple and true, but good relationships can be elusive.

How does one actually develop a good relationship?  What qualities must you summon in yourself or might you seek in others in order to have good relationships? Authenticity plays a part. (True Self, as opposed to False Self, in the words of analyst and pediatrician D.W. Winnicott.  ) TS involves a spontaneous, at ease condition, FS a calculated, anxious one.

Sometimes, because of a stressful childhood or a poor-fit family, people have never lived the TS and may not even know what it means for them. The first step to a good relationship is to uncover the TS. Things fall into place with psychological organicity.



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