Photo by Isabel KriegKids pick up on things. My daughter researched Rosie the Riveter for a school project. This iconic woman represents the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during WWII to produce war supplies. By mastering welding and other skills, women replaced male workers who were serving in the military. Rosie the Riveter symbolizes women’s economic power, personal capacity and the beauty that emanates when one has a mission. I was a bit surprised and pleased when my daughter showed me this photo of her as Rosie. I grew up listening to the song Rosie the Riveter and singing WWII songs with my father, who served. My daughter and I had never discussed Rosie the Riveter, but of all the things she could have chosen to focus on, she chose that. It’s funny how the things you care about are communicated to your children without ever being discussed. It was striking to see how much she looks like my mother whom I loved and lost, a few years ago. Here is an article from the Boston Globe about how women are now choosing to become welders, ironworkers, painters and laborers because these positions are well compensated.

Photo by Isabelle Krieg

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