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Creativity as an effective antidote for depression, anxiety and malaise has slipped through the cracks of the established treatment toolbox. Creativity can augment other treatments or serve as the singular approach. For some people, perhaps all people, creative action can change the course of a day or a life. An absorbing purpose with a dose of improvisation shifts mood, channels trauma and infuses daily living with fulfilling moments.


Carrie and Alton

Audiences: Health Professionals, Wellness Community, Creativity Community, Parents

What is a life well lived? How does one achieve this? In The Creativity Cure: How to Build Happiness With Your Own Two Hands we offer a method for an optimal everyday existence. The Five-Part Prescription (5PP) includes Insight (Self-Knowledge) Movement (Exercise) Mind Rest (Unplug, Hang Out) Your Own Two Hands (Make Things or Make Things Happen) and Mind Shift (Cultivate a Useful Mindset). Exposure to nature and meaningful connections to others are also crucial for health and success.

Carrie and Alton

Audiences: Health Professionals, Wellness Community, Parents, Crafters, DIY, Educators, Creativity Community

Making things bolsters minds, moods and bodies. Using your hands to garden, cook, repair, paint, sew, throw a pot or play an instrument provides concrete satisfaction and engenders a sense of autonomy. Research shows that these activities also enhance cognitive ability, creative thought and physical conditioning of the upper limbs. Meaningful hand use is a humbling, character-building endeavor that leads to a loftier, more peaceful inner life.

Carrie and Alton

Audiences: Educators, Techies, Parents, Creativity Community, Businesses, Wellness Community

Who does not love knowledge and more of it? The information age has made life better in so many ways. But there are pros and cons to amassing loads of data in rapid fashion. We have so much to contend with that downtime can be sacrificed. Moments to digest, reflect, ponder and play are essential for intellectual and creative progress as well as mental and physical health in both children and adults.

Carrie and Alton

Audiences: Businesses, Creativity Community, Academics, Educators

Productivity, camaraderie and innovation are key components of a successful team. Strategize to stimulate creative thought. Engineering the work environment so that people can feel safe, take risks, go all out, express unique talent and do their best is key for a generative, vital outcome.

Carrie Solo

Audiences: Clutter Experts, Creativity Community, Educators, Businesses, Designers

Clutter is hot topic these days. Does a mess hurt or help creativity? Is it different for different people? How does order in the surround influence the creative process and one’s state of mind? The quality of the space has an impact upon what can occur within it. But there is not a steadfast rule. Creativity includes phases of order and disorder. See if setting things up just so makes a difference for you.

Carrie Solo

Audiences: Health Professionals, Creativity Community, Parents, Educators, Wellness Community, Businesses

From a writer who wrote that the act of writing changes doldrums to delights, to a dancer who said, “I dance therefore I am,” creative action can be essential for well being. It can be life saving for some. We may have “eminent creativity” or we may have “everyday creativity.” The capacity to invent solutions to problems, to be resourceful, to make things or make things happen, to find alternative paths and to take meaningful action at home or at work can be developed and can change lives.

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“Drs. Carrie and Alton Barron are engaging, informative speakers who do more than just share medical benefits in ways that everyday folk can understand them: They are compassionate people who understand that working with your hands is a personal experience for every member of their audience. Listening to them speak is akin to hearing the best motivational speakers--you leave charmed, educated, and inspired.”- Erin Slonaker, Event Director of Vogue Knitting Live, Editor in Chief, Yarn Market News
“It’s a rare find indeed when an expert’s breadth of training is matched by depths of compassion and wellsprings of insight. Dr. Carrie Barron is that rarity. Adult students at The Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, who are authors with a range of experience working in a variety of genres, express gratitude for the wisdom Dr. Barron engenders and the creativity she sparks.  We are eager to have her back!”- Jo Ann Clark, Executive Director, The Hudson Valley Writers’ Center
“Carrie Barron is a highly creative physician, writer and speaker.”- Julie Silver, M.D., Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
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